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Padre Bay

padre bay


Want lots of room to do all the water sports your family loves? Padre Bay is the place for you.  Spanning 9 miles long and 7 miles wide, Padre Bay is the largest and most scenic bays in Lake Powell.  Knestled in this bay is Domingues Butte, Tower Butte, Cookie Jar Butte, and Boundary Butte which sits alongside the Utah and Arizona Border. With great scenic views to look at while wake surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing and tubing, you get plenty of wind-sheltered areas to park your boat.

Padre Bay is the beginning to many surrounding canyons that house multiple campsites and great hiking spots.  Feel free to explore each canyon to find your favorite boating destination!


Located in South Lake Powell at mile 19, it is about 2.5 hours away from Wahweap and Antelope Point marinas on houseboat (it’s a lot quicker on powerboat).

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