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Skydive Lake Powell


“Skydive Lake Powell is owned and operated by Robert Gray, a USPA Certified instructor with over 18,000+ jumps (13,000+ tandem jumps) — all dedicated to the perfection of the sport and the safe enjoyment of skydiving.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Frustrated that your not 18 yet? Good News! Skydive Lake Powell jumps with 16-year-olds with the proper documents signed and notarized!

Skydive Lake Powell specializes in making your first tandem skydive the SAFEST, easiest, fastest, cheapest and the most amazing experience of your life. After a short 20 minutes of training, you will be securely attached to a highly trained and experienced instructor and ready to go. Falling at an intense 120 MPH. Then enjoy the peaceful and beautiful 5-7 minute parachute ride back to the reality of civilization.

We follow the USPA and FAA standards, our instructors are USPA certified, having many years of experience, also having done thousands of skydives. Our jump masters are some of the most talented in the country.

Skydive Lake Powell is affiliated with our sister operation in Moab, Utah, Skydive Canyonlands.” – Skydive Lake Powell



For pricing and to learn more about Skydive Lake Powell, visit their website:

LOCATION: 238 10th Ave. #12, Page, AZ 86040
PHONE: 928-645-4988 or 408-835-8865

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